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A Rich History in the Central Valley

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Jorge, a native of Santo Domingo, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Son of Juan Dominguez Navarro and Guadalupe Pinal Ochoa.

Being the youngest of a family of two siblings Elvira Dominguez, the eldest, and Robertito Dominguez (1964-1972).

In 1989 God gave Jorge the opportunity to buy a sandwich restaurant in Oceanside, Ca in memory of his only brother who he has sorely missed since his passing. In April 1990, Jorge and his family opened the doors to the first Robertito’s Taco Shop. Before opening the doors Jorge knelt down and looked up at the sky with tears in his eyes, he told his brother “You work up there and I’ll work hard here”. Jorge feels his blessing in my heart every day.

At Robertito’s Taco Shop, our mission is to provide our customers and our communities with Authentic Mexican food. Every morning in each of our kitchens, we stock our shelves with fresh ingredients to ensure that we are providing our customers with tasty, high quality food.

The company is driven to expand its presence globally and provide customers with high quality Mexican food. For the past 30 years, our dedicated team has invested in people, restaurants, and a strong brand to serve our customers and partners.

Thank you for your patronage - Robertito’s Taco Shop - Simplemente Otro Mundo.

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